because your dog loves belly scratches


Your dog craves affection and attention, but sometimes we can't get down on their level to interact with them.  The bearbark makes it easy.  With a soft and flexible scratcher that feels great and an extendable handle that allows you to reach them from anywhere - the bearbark will give your dog something to wag about!

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bearbark: the original extendable, flexible, irresistible scratcher for your dog

Great looking design.  Patent Pending!
Extends from 24" to 31"
Super flexible and Strong!

Why does your dog want a bearbark?

If your dog loves to be scratched all over, your dog will love the bearbark!

You'll love the joy it brings your pet, as the flexible "teeth" provide a gently invigorating sensation.

The long reach handle makes it easy for you to scratch your pet from any position!


How about some details?

  • Extends from 24" to 31" with a quick twist.

  • Scratching head is flexible and durable.

  • Handle is smudge free aluminum. 

  • Head removes for easy cleaning.

  • Lifetime Warranty

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